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*Founder/CEO John A. Vardalas is a regular contributor for CU Insight. Read more from John here.

Retiree Rebels

“Johnny V” The American BoomeR and his quest for joy! – Listen to the “Kitchen Table Talks” Podcast here!

American Boomer Radio

American Boomer Radio with Johnny V!

Join us for a fun and informative show about the American consumer majority! The Baby Boomer demographic is the key to your brand’s long-term success. With so much focus on Gen Y, we won’t let you forget who keeps the lights on at your financial institution. Throwback Thursday is even better with American Boomer Radio! Listen here.

Wisconsin State Journal

Neighbors Baby Boomer Guide-Capital Newspapers

University of Wisconsin: The Center on Education and Work

Johnny V. talks about boomers at the University of Wisconsin Center on Education and Work on the topic: “Empower Yourself, Re-tool, Re-organize, and Re-package”