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“60 is still the New 40″ -John A. Vardalas, Founder/CEO, The American BoomeR Group

Join Johnny V at the Carolinas Credit Union League Annual Meeting! June 11-13, 2023

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Congratulations Southwest CUNA Management School on 50th Commencement!

New Article Featured in CU Insight2023 and Me: Reset Prescription for Taking Care of the Leader in You!

Credit union leaders should take time and reflect on overcoming all the issues and stresses that were associated with leading our credit unions during this unprecedented time over the last three years. Feeling grateful and appreciative of our families, staff, members, communities, friends, and each other.

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Thanks to the Louisiana Credit Union League for a great CU Visioning Experience!

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New Article Featured in CU InsightCredit Union Thrival Strategies in the “Year of the Rabbit”!

According to the Chinese Calendar, 2023 is the Zodiac Year of the Rabbit. The rabbit personality is focused on peace, prosperity, longevity, and success! People born in this year are calm, decisive, rarely panic, and are cautioned to think twice before acting to be successful in their plans. Continue reading…

Johnny V in Action at the Illinois Credit Union League Convention

New Article Featured in CU InsightStrategies For Creating a Winning Credit Union Workplace

Creating a vision of greatness for your credit union starts with your most important asset—your people! Their attitudes, productivity, climate in which they work, and how well they are led and managed, all influence your credit union’s success in serving members effectively. Great organizations foster a positive environment and are the sum of the experiences and skills their people bring to the workplace to achieve their mission and business goals. Continue reading…

New Article Featured in CU Insight & Today’s BoomeR MagazineLeadership Rx for Slowing The Great Resignation: Don’t Be a “Boss-hole”!

The global covid-19 pandemic has caused major upheavals in the American business, economic and political sectors perhaps most importantly the workforce. Recent data suggests the pandemic-era labor trend aka the Great Resignation is continuing. Business surveys indicate that 50% of employees are looking for a new job or plan to soon. Leadership must realize that half of your employees are in the job-seeking category. Employees are prepared and open to going somewhere else. Continue reading…

Today’s BoomeR Magazine Launches New Website Marking 10 Years

As part of celebrating 10 years of Today’s BoomeR magazine, Today’sBoomerMagazine.com has been launched. Each new issue of Today’s BoomeR will be on the site, along with past issues and other features and information.

“As we enter into the 10th year of Today’s BoomeR magazine, the new direction and vision can be reflected in the new site; clear, to the point, and with purpose”, says Alexandra V. Maragha, Co-Founder and Editor-in-chief of Today’s BoomeR. She continues, “we are looking forward to re-connecting with our audience as the world has changed since 2019 and so many, including Today’s BoomeR, have a new outlook on life to embrace the positive”.

Today’s BoomeR Magazine is a publication of The American BoomeR Group.

New Article Featured in CU Insight – 2022: Credit Union Growth Strategies in the “Year of the Tiger”!

According to the Chinese Calendar, 2022 is the Zodiac Year of the Tiger! The tiger’s personality is brave, confident, and competitive! People born in this year are charming and well-liked by others and work actively to express themselves boldly by doing things in a high-handed manner. They are authoritative and never go back on what they have said. Continue reading…

New Article: 5 Steps to Master Working from Home

By John A. Vardalas

The Covid-19 Pandemic has forced many changes on American businesses and the workforce. Due to shutdowns and social distancing, millions of employees have been laid-off or forced to work from home. For many employees, remote working is now becoming a trend and the new normal. Continue reading…

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