About Us

Since 2000, The American BoomeR Group has been dedicated through consulting to help organizations, business leaders, employees, and consumers enhance organizational growth, workplace performance, and professional lifestyles, and providing information and resources to enhance the lifestyles of America’s baby boomer generation to reach their potential and “Make A Difference”!

Baby boomers (those born between 1945-1965) number almost 80 million in the U.S. and every seven seconds another American turns 50 and 10,000 boomers retire each day! Boomers control the marketplace in lifestyle and leisure, spending, healthcare, real estate, and finance. As boomers continue to live life, The American Boomer Group offers resources and a forum to address their needs and inspire baby boomers to live more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Boomers are the generation that rebelled against the “establishment” during the turbulent ’60s. Today, boomers are the establishment as we enter the threshold of the 21st century. Boomers were the generation that turned on, tuned out, thought green, protested, and did Vietnam. They went and continue to be motivated by hearts and values versus doctrine and norm, engaging in social causes and staying patriotic while protesting social intolerance and political injustice. Along the way, boomers became loyal to themselves, family, and their networks. Professionally, boomers developed an entrepreneurial spirit and continue to lead and influence the wave of the business world. The baby boomer generation is better educated than their parents, and for the most part, embrace diversity and practice tolerance more than previous generations. Culturally, boomers are nostalgic for reminders of the past lifestyle they grew up in, all while perhaps being the last generation that had it better than their parents economically, socially, and as a whole.

For over 20 years, The American BoomeR Group has been a pioneer in connecting and educating boomers and organizations about resources, products, and services through speaking and training, its site, and online publication, Today’s BoomeR magazine, launched in 2012, adding to the vision of The American BoomeR Group to help organizations and individuals stay productive, engaged, informed, and living better while aging.

Meet John A. Vardalas, Founder/CEO

John A. Vardalas, CAE/CUDE, International Speaker/Business Consultant, Founder/CEO of The American BoomeR Group.

Personal Mission: To help individuals and organizations to reach their potential by providing “Strategies for Success”.

John A. Vardalas is an International Business Consultant, Speaker, Author, Sage, and Founder/CEO of The American Boomer Group, a Madison Wisconsin-based Speaking/Consulting Business dedicated primarily to developing staff/leaders and organizations to reach their potential.

His work as a speaker/trainer and consultant focuses on helping people become more effective, business growth strategy, world-class service, and building productive workplaces. An international trend-watcher and provocateur, John also helps leaders synthesize industry trends into strategic organizational directions. He has spoken before thousands of financial industry and association staff and volunteers during his 40-year professional career.

John is also committed to improving the quality of life of America’s baby boomer generation by providing lifestyle resources and making a difference in consumers’ lives. John is the Co-founder of Today’s Boomer magazine, an online publication of The American Boomer Group, focused on providing articles and information to educate and engage baby boomers.

As a professional speaker, John conducts and facilitates high-performance leadership/management and board development workshops, seminars, and keynote presentations for executives, staff, and volunteer leaders of national and international organizations/industry business groups, and associations. He also facilitates strategic planning sessions for various asset-size organizations throughout the USA.
John is also a featured guest on talk shows and a speaker on international educational credit union cruises with EduCruises during the year. He has authored numerous articles published in financial journals and magazines and is a regular contributor to CU Insight. He has also authored a booklet titled “Leadership Thoughts for Prospering in the 21st Century.”

John can be reached directly via email at jvardallas@aol.com or connect on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnvardallas